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Cala de Mallorqui
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Lanie Geldert, is a retired architect who, after 28 years in the world of corporate design, focuses her creative work on impressionist paintings. Originally from Laguna Beach, California, Geldert moved to Altea in 2016, where she continues to paint in her Spanish-style country home.


Geldert's works are the result of a sensory experience that inspires her to paint the scenic beauty of Western Europe - particularly, old pueblos, beaches, calas, the sea, and historical places that have marked the passage of humans on the planet.


"My artistic philosophy is that of painting with inherent passion. It is something that touches me and moves me to share the essential qualities of the subject.  My subject matter tends to be those visual passages that reside within my world...the in-between spaces that we see but often do not notice.  The always changing colours of the clouds, the sea and the mountains.  For me, this is about the pleasure of seeing, of being cognizant of the world around me." 


Upcoming Exhibitions:

ADAMA Colectivo, Museo de Xabia, 28 Mar - 5 May, 2024


Past Exhibitions:

  • ADAMA, Casa de Cultura, Ondara,Colectivo, December 2023

  • Gallery Arte44, Calpe, Group Exhibition, November 2023

  • February 2 - 28, 2023, Solo Exhibition, "Cielos y Playas" Ajuntament Vell de Calp, Spain

  • Gallery Portal d Árte, Calpe, Spain, May, 2019

  • Meliton: Costa Blanca, Solo Exhibit, February - April 2019

  • Gallery Portal dÁrte, Calpe, Spain, November 2018

  • AlteArte: Impresiones de Altea, Solo Exhibit, Altea, Spain, June, 2018

  • Gallery Portal dÁrte, Calpe, Spain, May, 2018

  • Casa de Cultura, Dénia, Spain, september, 2017

  • RUINS SOLO Exhibit, Sedona Art Gallery, 2016

  • Sedona Plein Air National Art Festival, Invited Artist, 2016

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, September 2016

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, May 2016

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, February 2015

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, July 2015

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, June 2014

  • Featured Artist: Sedona Art Center, January 2014

Lanie Widmar
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