LANIE WIDMAR is a former architect, who after many years in the corporate design world, decided to focus her work on painting watercolors. Originally from Laguna Beach, California, Widmar now resides in Altea, Spain. Widmar's paintings are a result of experiences in the field that inspire her awe in the beauty of the Western and European landscapes.  She is particularly drawn to ancient ruins, villages, and monuments that mark a historic place in mankind's journey on earth.


Her work is represented by UGallery, San Francisco, USA.  


Artist Statement


"Painting realistic abstracts brings a sense of excitement into my work. Watercolor paint is an ideal medium for my inner artist, as it awakens a sense of adventure and spontaneity.  With a minimum of pictorial imagery to suggest reality, I strive to portray the essence of a scene, allowing the viewer to participate with his/her imagination."

Upcoming Exhibitions


Galeria Portal d'Arte, Calpe, Spain

May 2, 2020



Past Exhibitions

Gallery Portal dÁrte, Calpe, Spain

May 11 - 31, 2019


Meliton: Costa Blanca, Solo Exhibit

February 1 - April 30, 2019

Gallery Portal dÁrte, Calpe, Spain

November 3 - 30, 2018

AlteArte: Impresiones de Altea, Solo Exhibit, Altea, Spain

June to July 2018


Gallery Portal dÁrte, Calpe, Spain

May to June, 2018

Casa de Cultura, Dénia, Spain

September to October, 2017


Rabbit Ears Studio

Altea La Vella, Spain

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